Time, it’s not just a magazine.

metronomeLike myself, anyone who has studied music in a high school or college environment has heard something like the title above. In my observation, outside of those environments it doesn’t seem to be discussed much especially with rock musicians.

When I was in college all of my teachers used to say “as musicians, TIME is our greatest asset no matter what your instrument”. As much as we were drilled in theory, tone, technique, reading, etc we were drilled in playing with good “time” even more. Now that doesn’t mean to cause your playing to be “robotic” or “stiff”, just that your time is consistent and doesn’t vaccilate. Playing in time doesn’t mean to be absolutely right on with the metronome either...


“The Defiant Machine” preview video


Tony MacAlpine / LoNero tour wrap up

That’s a wrap!!

What a ride it has been! October 2014 will be a month to remember. Our first North American tour was a success. We didn’t know what to expect going from city to city, venue to venue but regardless of any obstacle we overcame and won over the audience. We also got to share five shows of the tour with our good friends Travis, Jennifer and Dale of the Travis Larson Band. Great to hang with them again. Best thing about it was the new friends made and the great times we had laughing until our faces hurt. Hearing Tony, Bjorn, and Aquiles every night was a real treat. Amazing musicians and great guys. Michael (manager) and Chris (tech) were so great to work with as well. Awesome experience all around.

Thank you everyone!


LoNero on tour with Tony MacAlpine October 2014

LoNero in association with Blue Mouth Promotions is honored to be heading out on tour with Tony MacAlpine in October this year. Also on select dates we’ll be joined by the Travis Larson Band

Dates and ticket info will be posted as more shows are confirmed. See you at a show!



Radial Big Shot i/o mod

After much research looking into A/B input switches I decided on the Radial Big Shot i/o. My purpose is in my pedal setup I want to have my Line6 G50 Wireless plugged in and not have to unplug it when I need to go wired. My solution for this was to plug the wireless into one input and keep the other input available for going wired. The only issue I had with this pedal is the lack of any indicator to show if the mute switch is engaged or which input is currently live.

I stumbled upon an ad on Craigslist for “The Pedal Doctor“. He added a multi color LED and a 9 volt power receptacle. Now it has an indicator for three modes. If your pedals need any work see Matt The Pedal Doctor. Thank you Matt for the great work at a very reasonable price!

Muted = No Light

bigshot muted

Blue light = Input 2


New LoNero guitarist!


LoNero has parted with our guitarist Brandon Hayes. Brandon wanted to pursue other avenues and we wish him nothing but the best. He has been an amazing part of LoNero for four years and his contributions have been great! We are sure you’ll hear him on a song or two in the future.

Please help us welcome our new guitarist James Manalili. James is a very accomplished guitarist with some amazing chops. We auditioned and spoke with quite a few guitarists but none of them quite measured up. James exceeded all of them. We are looking forward to hearing what he brings to LoNero.


LoNero live at House of Blues (Foundation Room) Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA


Get your tickets Here!


LoNero and Blue Mouth Promotions


Everyone in LoNero are very proud to announce that we have joined with Blue Mouth Promotions, LLC to handle all of our booking. BMP’s current roster includes The Aristocrats (with Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minneman), Mike Keneally, OHM (with Chris Poland), Freak Kitchen (with Mattias IA EcklundH), Neil Zaza and more. We are really looking forward to what the future holds for us with BMP. Their proven track record and roster of some of the greatest musicians in rock have proved we made the right choice. BMP puts the music and musician first. Integrity is paramount to their business model.

Blue Mouth Promotions, LLC (BMP), wants to get an idea from you, our fans, about the best places for bands to play in your area...


A tribute to my teacher Frank Sumares

The world has lost a great man. Frank Sumares or our beloved “Unca Funk” as many of his students have known him passed away early this morning. The impact he has left on the music community and on the lives of countless students is immeasurable.

I studied with Frank at Chabot College in Hayward, California for several years in the early/mid nineties. I don’t think there has been a rehearsal or gig since then where I haven’t heard his voice or felt his spirit. He had a way of bringing the best out of his students and refining us not only in our performance, but in the way we conducted ourselves as professionals. Leave your attitude at the door and do your job. All the while driving us to be our best and not settle for “mediocre”. Some say “those who can’t, teach”...


NAMM 2013!

Hi everyone,

NAMM 2013 was a blast!  A highlight for me was meeting the fine folks at Vigier Guitars. Not only are their instruments a real visual work of art but they feel and sound amazing! Even with all the other manufacturers displaying some beautiful instruments, I found myself gravitating back to the Vigier booth. That transparent black 5 string “Passion” bass was calling me ;-). Vigier hosted an event at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim featuring some of their artists such as Bumblefoot, The Aristocrats, Cut the Funk,  Thank You Scientist! Amazing players all around. Great instruments, great people. Looking forward to ordering my Vigier 5 string bass very soon.

Also got to try out some very interesting instruments.  The Pratt 11 and 18 string basses were surprisingly easier to play than...