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Hello friends. For those who don’t know me here are some key points in my musical journey.

I am from a very musical family including a long line of brass musicians and vocalists on my Fathers side, as well as several vocalists, keyboardists, and guitarists on Mother’s side. At the age of six I began study on the trombone, which I continue to this day playing with the Concord California Salvation Army brass band and other various local groups. At age fifteen, I decided to take up the bass. Self taught on bass through high school, I continued musical studies at Chabot College in Hayward, California under Bay Area jazz educators Frank Sumares, Cindy Browne-Rosefield and several others on staff there.

My discography includes three CD recordings with the Salvation Army brass band in Concord, California, a Christmas Jazz cd “Holiday Chops” with the Ohlone “Chops” Big Band, one with the rock trio Solcraft and three albums with LoNeroRelentless“,”JFL” and “The Defiant Machine”.

2019 was a year of big changes. LoNero parted ways which opened many doors for me to devote more time to playing the variety of styles that I enjoy. I had the pleasure of playing for a local production of “Mamma Mia!”, sat in on many gigs with my friends The Giant Garage Spiders , several impromptu gigs with Retro Notes,  and R&B/Neo-Soul group The BNC (Big New Cents) / Blue Groove Productions.




  • Conn 88H

Amplification / Signal Processing: