Bio / Gear


Mike is from a very musical family including a long line of brass musicians and vocalists on his Fathers side, as well as several vocalists, keyboardists, and guitarists on his Mothers side. At the age of six Mike began study on the trombone, which he continues to this day playing with the Concord California Salvation Army brass band and other various local groups. At age fifteen, he decided to take up the bass. Self taught on bass through high school, he continued musical studies at Chabot College in Hayward, California under Bay Area jazz educators Frank Sumares, Cindy Browne and several others on staff there.

Mikes discography includes three CD recordings with the Salvation Army brass band in Concord, California, a Christmas Jazz cd “Holiday Chops” with the Ohlone “Chops” Big Band, one with the rock trio Solcraft and three albums with LoNeroRelentless“,”JFL” and the latest release “The Defiant Machine”.



  • Vigier “Excess” 5 string
  • Vigier “Arpege” 4 string fretless Imetal


  • Conn 88H

Amplification / Signal Processing: