New single coming soon!

My band The BNC will be releasing our first single June 19th! Here is a preview of our song “First Day of a New Life”. Full length video coming soon! For now drop by our website, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and sign up for our mailing list to be kept in the loop on live performances (streaming and otherwise).

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NAMM 2020 wrap up

Had a great visit to Winter NAMM 2020. Travelled to the show with some good friends, caught up with all those I only get to see once a year. Visited with my friends at Hartke, Vigier, Journey Instruments, and Temple Boards.

Vigier celebrated 40 years this year! Congratulations to Vigier and thank you for making the finest basses I’ve ever played and will continue to play. As always I’m honored to go to NAMM as an artist with Samson/Hartke. Two highlights for me this year were the Grand Rally for Music Education Saturday morning with Bobby McFerrin and the Gruv Gear party Saturday evening. Bobby McFerrin and Gimme5 were amazing! Prior to them taking the stage was an a capella ensemble from UCLA who reminded me of Pentatonix. Fantastic peformance!

The Gruv Gear event Gruv Live was a blast! This was a great event supporting DW’s foundation and showcasing some very talented young musicians followed by Virgil Donati and Henrik Linder’s bands.

Looking forward to next year! Here’s to a great start to 2020!

Retro Notes at SoFA Street Fair

Hi everyone! I’m playing bass with Retro Notes at the SoFA Street Fair in downtown San Jose this Sunday September 29th from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Mamma Mia!

Hi everyone. I’m excited to be playing once again for Moreau in their production of Mamma Mia! Something new for this year the band will be on the stage rather than in the pit. Going to be a lot of fun.