LoNero video premiere at GuitarPlayer.com!

Our first official video from the album “The Defiant Machine”. Thank you Guitar Player Magazine!


Live webcast tomorrow!

Defiant Machine webcast

Join us for a live webcast! We’ll be signing our pre orders getting them ready to ship out while talking about the new album “The Defiant Machine”.





CD Release date!!

LoNero’s new album “The Defiant Machine” will be released August 2nd, 2016! Click the image below to pre order your copy!




Just uploaded my first loop or “beat” to Beatstars.com! Check it out.


Kalium Strings

Hello everyone!

I’m now an affiliate with Kalium Strings. Click on the banner below to check them out. They have an almost endless selection of gauges so you’re sure to find what is right for you.


new interview. Bass Musician Magazine

I recently did an interview with Brent-Anthony Johnson for his ongoing project “Why is music important” in Bass Musician Magazine!Click here to see the interview.


The Defiant Tour Documentary

Grey Haven Media and LoNero will be filming a documentary during our 2015 tour with Tony MacAlpine. This documentary will expose what bands don’t usually talk about. Finances and logistics of touring. We’re not talking about the big fancy tour bus or the limo rides to the gig. It’s six guys in the van on the road. Please check out our kickstarter campaign and make your pledge. Thank you for your support! Of course my very trusty Hartke rig will be going with me!

Hartke artist Mike McKaigg and his band...


Time, it’s not just a magazine.

metronomeLike myself, anyone who has studied music in a high school or college environment has heard something like the title above. In my observation, outside of those environments it doesn’t seem to be discussed much especially with rock musicians.

When I was in college all of my teachers used to say “as musicians, TIME is our greatest asset no matter what your instrument”. As much as we were drilled in theory, tone, technique, reading, etc we were drilled in playing with good “time” even more. Now that doesn’t mean to cause your playing to be “robotic” or “stiff”, just that your time is consistent and doesn’t vaccilate. Playing in time doesn’t mean to be absolutely right on with the metronome either...


“The Defiant Machine” preview video


Tony MacAlpine / LoNero tour wrap up

That’s a wrap!!

What a ride it has been! October 2014 will be a month to remember. Our first North American tour was a success. We didn’t know what to expect going from city to city, venue to venue but regardless of any obstacle we overcame and won over the audience. We also got to share five shows of the tour with our good friends Travis, Jennifer and Dale of the Travis Larson Band. Great to hang with them again. Best thing about it was the new friends made and the great times we had laughing until our faces hurt. Hearing Tony, Bjorn, and Aquiles every night was a real treat. Amazing musicians and great guys. Michael (manager) and Chris (tech) were so great to work with as well. Awesome experience all around.

Thank you everyone!